About us

Web Copy Land is a boutique content marketing agency with a focus on content planning and blogging strategy creation.

We sell actionable writer-ready content plans that help small businesses worldwide

a) get traffic to their blog

b) generate leads

b) save money on writers.

Our customers use expertise in content marketing to present effective content marketing strategies to our clients

We’ve served companies of all sizes: enterprise clients, affiliate marketers, and anyone else who has a blog on their site.

However, we’ve found that small business owners struggle with blogging the most – just because they feel they “have to” blog.

There is nothing worse than blogging just for the sake of blogging – it’s time-consuming, expensive, and generally discouraging. We fix that.

To ensure highest possible quality of our work we currently do not branch out into ghost writing, or any other generic copywriting services. 

The practical content plans we create, however, are contractor ready, creative, and help you get tons of organic Google traffic to your blog fast. All you’ve left to do is order the content on our topics from your writers and convert the traffic.

Contact us today and tell us about your business needs. Let’s get started with effective blogging today!