We recommend that our clients run an audit of their content strategy several times a year.

This helps:

  • identify additional keyword and content opportunities
  • identify weak points in the existing strategy and correct course
  • get more organic traffic from Google.

Content strategy re-evaluation is necessary because the data you get after your content is indexed is invaluable. Moreover, no prediction tool will be able to demonstrate the real value of search phrases and content topics. As a result, we’re always coming back to see what has worked and

There is no way to exactly predict what posts will harvest more traffic than other. That is one of the reasons we encourage our customers to get started with smart blogging as soon as possible and gather more first-hand data that way.

While re-assessing your content strategy we will

  • research recent developments in your niche
  • analyze your Google search performance data
  • review Google Analytics data on your visitors’ behavior
  • suggest additional opportunities both in terms of keywords and post topics.

To have your content strategy re-evaluated, please choose and order one of the packages below:

Content strategy audit - basic
Google Analytics data audit
Google Search Console data audit
20 Additional post topics suggested
20 Additional focus keywords discovered
Content strategy audit - thorough
Google Analytics data audit
Google Search Console data audit
50 additional post topics suggested
50 Additional focus keywords discovered
White-label report option


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