8 REAL reasons your content marketing does not work in 2020

why your content marketing does not work - content marketing mistakes and fails

So many businesses give up on content marketing and blogging just because it has not worked for them.

Yet so many make content marketing mistakes that are easily avoided.

We’ve seen clients completely disillusioned by former marketing contractors, and each time we evaluate their sites and content strategy, we come across same old content marketing fails. Here’s a few.

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Customer Persona Creation Guide for Small Business Blogs

A customer persona is the foundational concept of digital marketing.

Once you know who your customers are, you can predict how, when, and where to look for them online.

Customer persona benefits for content planning and creation are also immense.

You need to be able to properly speak to your potential customers & cover topics they care about.

Blogging without a customer persona (or a “reader persona” as we call it) is one of the most common mistakes small businesses make.

On the other hand, creating a buyer persona from excessive imaginary data is no good either.

This short practical customer persona guide will explain how to create a buyer persona and build an effective small business blog and a website around it.

We’re including an effective customer persona template as well.

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