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8 Out of 10 blogs flop

Audit your blog content strategy to maximize traffic, leads, and sales

A content audit will help you level up.

We recommend that our clients run an audit of their content several times a year.

This service gives old content a 20% traffic boost within 3 months on average.

Find new keywords

Use first-hand data to mine amazing SEO keywords you already rank for. Third-party tools miss them!

Avoid overspending

Stop buying content that may or may not work. Publish more of what’s already working.

Find blog post ideas

Focus on the interests of your customers based on their searches – no more guessing!

Get more traffic

Maximize the potential of your current website content in under 3 months

Blog Content Audit Pricing

One-time purchase
Starting at $450
Google Analytics data audit
Google Search Console data audit
SEO Analysis of published content
Data-based onpage SEO suggestions
Content plan modifications
In-house guides and resources
Data spreadsheet delivered within 10 business days

tushar sharma webcopyland testimonial

Great work – we had some ‘aha’ moments with topics which we would have otherwise skipped. Very knowledgeable in the field. Highly recommended.

Tushar Sharma


content strategy audit web copy audit

Is your content strategy flexible enough for 2022?

Content marketing strategy is not something set in stone.

Trends change, industries develop, competitors make their moves.

At the same time, there may be new opportunities that you are missing.

As a result, the content plan you adopted months ago may become a little off-target.

That is why a regular content strategy audit is necessary for every business website.

No third-party tool will be able to predict this in advance: you need to get real, first-hand data to make decisions. Our content strategy audit helps you do exactly that.

Audit your content strategy twice per year if you want to make sure your business blog is speaking right to your customers. Be up-to-date and realize your full traffic and lead generation potential!

Who needs a content review?

We recommend running content review if any of this applies to your site:

– 100+ pages indexed on Google

– you’ve been blogging for 6+ months

– you feel that your site is underperforming

– it’s been 6+ months since the previous audit.

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