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Delivery time

Both content planning and content strategy audit services are delivered based on our work load at the time of order.

These services are research-heavy and very demanding in terms of expertise, so the delivery times vary from 7 to 14 business days, depending on the amount of orders in queue.

Purchase pages have updated turnaround times for your reference.

Once you place an order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a delivery date estimate for your specific order.

Content strategy consulting services depend on our schedule and consulting slots. Your first consulting call will be scheduled within a week of your order – you will get the confirmation for that within 24 hours after placing the order.

Service deliverables

The deliverables for the content planning and content strategy audit services are confidential reports containing your content strategy suggestions – either a content plan or a content strategy audit. The regular report format is a private Google Sheets document, but you can request a different format while we work on your order.

Changes to delivery dates

The consulting calls and meetings can be postponed, delayed, and rescheduled without penalty and without time limit.