8 REAL reasons your content marketing does not work in 2020

why your content marketing does not work - content marketing mistakes and fails

So many businesses give up on content marketing and blogging just because it has not worked for them.

Yet so many make content marketing mistakes that are easily avoided.

We’ve seen clients completely disillusioned by former marketing contractors, and each time we evaluate their sites and content strategy, we come across same old content marketing fails. Here’s a few.

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How to SEO a blog post before and after you hit Publish

How you SEO a blog post is how you SEO your whole site – because your SEO efforts should be spread evenly across inner pages of your site.

Moreover, good blog posts are extremely helpful for overall site SEO. Quality posts attract links and social media shares, which in turn grows the authority of your whole domain.

So – you’ve got your content plan, know what to write about, and want to SEO your blog posts for maximum effect?

Here’s your checklist:

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