Content planning for an automotive e-commerce store – a customer success story (2020)

A client came to us with a French e-commerce store in January 2020.

The store is selling automotive goods, and it was gradually growing in organic traffic.

The client wanted to add a blog to the website to make sure he covers the interests of his audience.

The blog would have to evolve around automotive modifications, DIY upgrades, – anything that would bring the readers one step closer to ordering spare parts from the store.

The site owner also wanted to make sure his content strategy is laser-focused. Wasting time and money publishing ineffective content was not an option.

We helped create a custom content plan for the new blog in March 2020 – and the organic traffic experienced an impressive spike. Here’s a snapshot of the store’s growth from

organic traffic growth thanks to blogging automotive ecommerce store

Let’s get to the point and explain how we got the client’s site to the new heights.

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