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Retail blogging – what to expect in 2023 (and how to jump on it)

retail blogging 2022

Retail store blogs are by far the most underused marketing channels.

Retail blogging, when done right, is a chance to get traffic, establish culture, convert visitors into customers, and build loyal and lasting communities, and a lot more.

Here’s how to run a retailer blog that will take your store to the next level:

Should you blog as a retailer?

Absolutely yes. We list all the reasons in this article. A blog is not the fastest way to get traffic, but it’s incredibly sustainable and cost-effective when planned and audited properly (avoid common retail blogging mistakes)

Retail blogging is too expensive

It does not have to be. A decent blog post costs anywhere from $50 to $100, and if you have long-terms relationship with your writers and a system of content creation – you will minimize costs.

How much ROI can I expect from a blog on my retail store?

retail blogging cost and ROI breakdown

If you blog 3 times a week that’s $1K at most in content costs.

Add to that content planning services and content strategy audit several times a year and you will end up with under $15K annually to run a retailer blog.

144 blog posts per year can bring you at least 2K organic traffic visitors per month (that’s a really, really modest estimate). That comes down to 24000 visitors per year.

The average value of an online shopping order started via Google search is at $115 in 2021 (data source).

At standard 3% conversion rate, you’d be making $82800 from your retail blog in a year.

Now, these are all still very vague predictions and a lot depends on your products and the way you run your retail blog. One thing is certain – there is IMMENSE ROI in retail blogging.


What traffic do best retail blogs get?

Here’s what some of the best retail blogs get in terms of organic Google traffic:

Retail blog URL Organic traffic, monthly 43,748 9,255 2,737 8,784 8,336 3,161 1800 2,006

These is just a list of quick examples measured by third-party traffic tools.

The real numbers are way, way higher – we’ve helped grow dozens of retailer blogs and from our experience real stats exceed all the tools’ data by at least three times.

Other perks of retail blogging

Moreover, there are indirect benefits to retail blogging – to name a few

  • SEO boost for product and category pages. More blog posts = better Google ranking for products and categories, more traffic to them.
  • Branding benefits. If you produce fun pieces of content, they start circulating on social media working on your branding and image.
  • Possibility to go viral. This can’t be predicted or estimated, there’s only one rule here: the more you blog, the more chances of going viral you have. The more posts you publish the better topics you come up with.
  • Product and content ideation. If you’re open to expanding you product line, your blog traffic and stats will get you unique insights on your audience’s true needs. Frequent blog traffic audits help take advantage of the data.


Running a blog on a retail store takes too much time and effort

If you’re new to this – yes it does. You have enough to worry about running your retail store.

That’s exactly where we help retailers and e-commerce entrepreneurs – we offer content strategy services that help you plan, execute, and evaluate an effective retail blog.

Get in touch with us today and stop missing out on all that organic traffic!

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