The broad to narrow blog post strategy: use your stats for new post ideas

broad to narrow blog content strategy

Blogging is effective only if you know what kind of content exactly to publish.

In order two get that data you need to either

a) run research using third-party tools
b) analyze your traffic and impressions

The first part is clear – research yourself or buy a professionally researched content plan – and build your list of potentially good topics.

The second part is more tricky – to analyze your stats you need to have them first.

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Ignoring your SEO competition: the biggest SMB mistake

seo competitors analysis selection and mistakes

Over the years of content research and website promotion we’ve come across a very common mistake that small businesses make.

Nearly half of all business owners ignore their SEO competition when they start websites.

In fact, most of new business owners and entrepreneurs fail to face the reality and acknowledge their SEO competitors.

Here’s how it happens and how to fix it.

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5 Reasons to never buy “SEO Content”

A lot of copywriting agencies and freelancers are offering creation of “SEO content” as one of their services.

This seems like a legacy of times over a decade ago, when stuffing keywords into web copy meant it was going to do well on Google.

Times have changed since, yet business owners still fall for the dream of simple traffic copywriters sell them.

Here’s a list of reasons you should never order something labeled as “SEO Content”.

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