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Business competitors vs Google competitors

business competitors vs seo competitors

Very often during the initial evaluation our new clients say things like “we don’t really have competition”.

While this may be true from the business perspective (no one is really offering your products or services to the specific market), extrapolating that to your competition on Google is misleading.

Here’s what this means for you.

A lot of small business owners, especially in creative fields, as well as tech and consulting, take pride in offering completely unique products and services. In fact, they may be among the first in their city or target market, so there are few business competitors.

As a result, SMB owners think that either promoting their website on Google will be easy, or they don’t need a blog, or that they are entitled to traffic. However, this is very far from reality.

Pretty much any website that goes live has competition on Google. Your Google competition are the sites that come up for a search when you google your products, services, or your customers’ needs.

Here’s the thing: these Google results don’t have to be commercial, i.e. they may not come from competing businesses. However, most of the time the pages you compete with are hosted on authoritative domains such as magazines, forums, scientific aggregators, worldwide businesses operating on different markets, indirect competitors, and so on.

Squeezing your website in between them will not always be easy!

Most of the time beating completely unrelated results will be relatively easy – Google is getting better and better at understanding what pages are about. However, to establish your confident presence and make sure you harvest most of the organic searches of your potential customers, you need a full-scale content strategy, unique for your business.

We’ve helped hundreds of SMBs establish presence on Google and get consistent long-term organic traffic – and we can safely say most of ur clients had wrong assumptions about this.

Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about your blogging needs!


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