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5 Reasons to never buy “SEO Content”

A lot of copywriting agencies and freelancers are offering creation of “SEO content” as one of their services.

This seems like a legacy of times over a decade ago, when stuffing keywords into web copy meant it was going to do well on Google.

Times have changed since, yet business owners still fall for the dream of simple traffic copywriters sell them.

Here’s a list of reasons you should never order something labeled as “SEO Content”.

1. What gets sold as “SEO content” is usually just bad content.


Good content is expensive. Content plans and content strategy analysis bring amazing ROI, but they are still investments.

In general, you need to invest in running a good blog – unless you want to do it yourself, which is when it’s going to take a ton of your time and effort.

The idea behind “SEO Content” implies that you can write whatever and sprinkle some magic keywords into the article, and it’s going to harvest tons of organic traffic. That’s why “SEO content” is usually cheap (under $30 for 1K words).

As a result the “SEO Content” you buy from agencies is written by writers with mostly poor command of English – and they make up for it by claiming that the content is “optimized”.

seo content stay away its just low quality content stuffed with keywords


2. There is no need to “write for SEO” anymore


Stuffing your article with keywords and having it receive organic traffic used to be cool in 2004.

It does not work that way anymore. Google is smart, and it can tell content written for readers apart from content written to impress the search bot.

Seriously, don’t look for shortcuts.

Here’s a list of SEO Content guidelines from Google:

  • Write easy-to-read text
  • Organize your topics clearly
  • Create fresh, unique content
  • Optimize content for your users, not search engines

Taken from

See the main point? Write for your visitors. Your visitors are not coming to read your keyword-stuffed 300-word articles. They are coming to your site to solve a problem. If you scare them away with your SEO Content blog posts – they’ll bounce and never come back.


3. Experienced writers do keyword research anyway.


If you are ordering content from a high-end agency or a professional writer, chances are they will run keyword research based on the blog post topic you give them.


4. Your blog on SEO content is an extremely boring place.


You’ve probably come across a blog like that this week.

The posts all say the same stuff, but have different titles:

  • Top reasons to hire roofing contractors in Atlanta
  • Best places to look for roofing contractors
  • Reasons you need to hire roofing contractors


We can’t think of a human being willing to read through those, let alone share them on social media.


5. You are not using the full potential of your writers.


Good content educates, solves problems, engages, and converts.

Beaten SEO content, on the other hand, is not only boring to read. It’s boring to write.

If you constrain your writers with detailed lists of keywords, they just want to get done with the job. As a result you get what you asked for, but there is no spark in it.

Don’t kill the spark!

Rather than spending a fortune on SEO content that will bore your visitors, get mediocre traffic and kill your blog conversion rate – invest in a content plan. A detailed well-thought-out content plan will make sure you are blogging about things that matter to your customers. As we prepare content plans for our customers we pay close attention to lucrative keywords to naturally include into the text – but we still aim at writing for readers, not bots.