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e-Commerce Blog Ideas and Topics That WORK

ecommerce blog post ideas and topics that work

Many smart e-Commerce entrepreneurs are looking for effective blog topics that will increase their store traffic and ultimately grow sales.

Yet almost all of them go about it wrong.

We’ve helped dozens of e-Commerce websites sell more using blogs, and here’s a short practice-based guide on finding the perfect e-Commerce blog topics.

First and foremost, you should not let your writers decide on your blog content strategy. No matter how good your writers are, they still think like writers, they have their own goals, motivations, and tastes. Ultimately, they will gravitate towards the blog topics that are fun to write. See other e-Commerce blogging don’ts

Instead, you need to think strategically and focus your e-commerce blog topics around the interests of your customer base. To do that, you need to spend a decent amount of time creating your content plan (or get one from us).

The framework for effective e-Commerce blog post ideas

Here’s a framework for coming up with e-commerce blog post ideas that will both drive traffic and help you SELL more:

  1. Cover all the obvious informative topics dealing with your products’ properties and usage with dedicated blog posts. Setting up, dosing, side effects, usage tips, top applications, etc. – everything that is in the primary relation to product usage.
  2. Extrapolate your product line a list of problems they solve for your customers
  3. Build portraits of several customer types (best way to create a customer persona is base upon your sales data and invent as little as possible)
  4. Based on the customer persona, create a list of tangential problems and challenges they experience, not necessarily related to your product line
  5. Find intersections that will allow for fresh angles, fun, and informative topics. Retail blogging is all about creativity and inventiveness!

Blog post ideas for a herbal supplement store – an example

Say, you are selling an immune-boosting herbal supplement. As you plan out the blog on your online store, you list all the problems and challenges your product solves for your customers, for instance:

  • get sick less often
  • look better
  • slow down aging
  • feel better
  • have more energy
  • waste less time being sick
  • etc. etc.

Create several customer personas with “code names” – e.g. a young biohacker, a soccer mom, an active 60+ man – and list what some of their other (not product-related) interests are. Then find intersections and possibilities for plugging your product, turn them into fun and informative e-commerce blog topics.

You will eventually end up with blog topics like

  • CELEBRITY X beauty regimen in MONTH YEAR
  • 5 Supplements that are a waste of money
  • 7 Reasons you are not losing fat
  • 11 Morning routine hacks for more energy throughout the day
  • 7 Natural menopause relief products to consider

and so on. Once you blog for several months, a proper blog traffic audit will help you understand what kind of topics to double down on.

Why e-Commerce blog ideas matter

When you prioritize your customer audience and their interests, the blog on your e-commerce store finally becomes an asset.

Normally you’d need to give it several months of blogging and promotion, as well as an audit of your strategy in order to reach consistent organic traffic growth. Once everything is done right the blog is a very ROI-effective and low-maintenance marketing channel for your e-commerce store.

It’s a demanding process and it takes a while to create an effective content strategy.

The good news is – all e-commerce websites can benefit from a properly planned blog.

If you need more help with this – get in touch with us and we guarantee to transform your stale or ineffective online store blog into a sales-generating channel.


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