Blog Post SEO: The DIY Guide to SEO for Blog Posts in 2020


If you run a blog, we have good news and bad news for you.

Good news: Google loves blogs, and especially WordPress blogs, since a large chunk of the Internet runs on WordPress.

Bad news: you have to actually work on blog post SEO to get organic traffic.

But then again, you have to do the work anywhere to get results.

Since 2012 we’ve turned hundreds of blogs into traffic generating machines.

This list of best practices for blog post SEO is a way to give back to community, so feel free to share it.

Let’s dive right in and give you an actionable and 2020-ready checklist on SEO for blog posts.

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Your SEO sucks because of these blogging mistakes

blogging mistakes that are bad for seo

Most website owners see SEO as a complicated specific activity, that requires a large contract and a dedicated agency-level support.

Blogging, however, is viewed as a simple process that’s easy to do.

However, a blog is a powerful SEO tool that can both bring you tons of organic SEO traffic and hold your site down in Google’s result pages.

Here’s a list of the most common blogging mistakes we’ve seen our clients do over and over again. Avoid these and stay consistent with your blogging – and you will see more and more organic traffic and leads on your site.

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Coming up with blog post ideas when there are no more ideas

come up with blog post ideas

Most of the guides dedicated to coming up with blog post ideas are missing the problem most bloggers have.

You will find suggestions like “ask your audience”, “ask your support teams” and so on – but what if you are only starting out and have no audience yet, let alone a support team?

Other blog post ideas tutorials will tell you to scrape a list of keywords related to your niche and go down that list writing a blog post for each keyword. This might work at first but it gets you to a blog full of thin, worthless SEO-content. And we told you why you should not go for SEO content.

In this guide we will give you several realistic approaches rather than specific ideas.

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5 Reasons to never buy “SEO Content”

A lot of copywriting agencies and freelancers are offering creation of “SEO content” as one of their services.

This seems like a legacy of times over a decade ago, when stuffing keywords into web copy meant it was going to do well on Google.

Times have changed since, yet business owners still fall for the dream of simple traffic copywriters sell them.

Here’s a list of reasons you should never order something labeled as “SEO Content”.

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