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Do small businesses need blogs on their websites?

should you have a business blog

Many small business owners decide to not have a blog on their websites at all. Some find it technically difficult, others do not believe a blog can be valuable to their business.

As a result small business websites are often made up of several service pages and a contact page. With a blog, however, they would be able to harvest way more traffic and get more customers.

Here’s how to organize a small business blog.

1) You need to be using WordPress because website builders like Wix will not be enough for your needs.

2) You need to create your customer persona and list their pains and interests. Those will be the goalposts for your blog post topics.

3) Put together a content plan. The best way to go about this is to research lucrative search queries that get traffic on Google and match them to your topics. If you don’t know how to do that – consider ordering a professional content plan.

4) Ultimately, once you have your content plan, find a writer to implement it, or get copywriting services from a content writing agency.

5) Run content audits regularly – evaluate how how your blog posts perform. Publish more of what works, and less of what flops. If you need more help with this – subscribe to annual blog audits with us.

What should small businesses blog about?

While setting up blogs for small businesses, people usually struggle with blog post topics the most.

However, coming up with topics becomes easier once you realize that your blog is not just about you or your business. The blog is mainly to serve your customers’ needs.

You blog needs to:

  • Showcase your authority in the field (that’s where company news go, – all in all not more than 20% of your blog posts)
  • Address the pain points of your customers (keyword-rich content that helps solve problems your customers have in general – abut 80% of blog posts)

You can easily source topics for a small business blog if you go through all your past interactions with customers. Your customer support interactions are a goldmine for blog topics. What are the most common questions they ask?
What are they looking for in your product or service?

When you build a content plan that is made of at least 80% customers interests and max 20% of your company news, you will be able to create an effective blog on a budget.

If you need help with blogging – reach out to us and get more clarity within only several hours of consulting.

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